Omniverse Comix, generally referred to as OZ Comix or simply Comix on the forums, is a collaborative universe created by the members of the Omniverse Zero forum, and continued on after the move to Omniverse One. As a collaborative universe between independent writers the Omniverse Comix setting is not copyrighted to Vagrant Lustoid, although individual characters and aspects of the universe written by him are copyrighted to Vagrant Lustoid.

The premise of Omniverse Comix is simply to create a collaborative comic-inspired universe, with the intention of creating a world without 60+ years of clutter, extraneous details and retcons and without having to follow the standard comic expectations and rules so tightly. Omniverse Comix attempts to conceive of the real consequences of having superpowered beings in our society, and the results of having comic book level technology available throughout the world.

Vagrant Lustoid has been a regular contributor to Omniverse Comix, with a variety of characters of differing affiliations and levels of strength, some of whom are major characters in an out-of-universe context, such as The Crow, whilst others of Vagrant's characters play significant roles in shaping the universe of Omniverse Comix and its development, such as Soldier and Communist Manifester.

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