Overhumans are beings in the Powered Dominion universe with abilities that exceed the pinnacle of human limits. For the most part the term overhuman refers to humans who have gone beyond the regular peak of human limits by a physical method, often by experiencing an origin stressor that triggers a S.U.P.E.R. in the individual's body. The term overhuman is a broad and vague term, as it is not often used to refer to people who utilise magic or technology to operate beyond peakhuman levels, and isn't generally used to refer to non-human beings either. However, if a non-human being spends much of its time immersed in human culture and surrounded by humankind, even that being may be referred to as an overhuman.

The term overhuman originated from the German word Übermensch, which translates into overman, aboveman, superman in English. The term gained notoriety and entered common terminology after the significant level of media coverage of the appearance of the German overhuman Übermensch near the beginning of World War II, one of the first high-level overhumans since the Black Terror, who had before then generally been assumed to be a unique case by the general public.

An alternative to overhuman is the lesser-used term superhuman, which originates from the scientific term S.U.P.E.R. and is used in much the same way as overhuman in common language.

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